When an Emergency Occurs

Safety - When an emergency occurs

It is very important that our Fire Trucks get to your house as quick as possible in the case of an emergency. When a fire department is given an address, our trucks may be delayed if the address is not clearly seen from the street. Although it's somewhat easy to see smoke from a house fire, when someone is having a heart attack it is not as easily seen from the street. Firefighters may waste several precious minutes trying to find that address, especially in an apartment complex or mobile home park. It is important to have large numbering or lettering mounted on the side of the building. These numbers need to be at least 4 inches tall and be reflective so the Firefighters may see them at night.

When you see or hear an emergency vehicle, drivers should carefully pull to the right of the road and stop. If you are stopped in traffic or at an intersection, remain stopped until the emergency vehicles have passed. It is important for you not to jerk or make erratic moves; this may cause a car wreck. Drivers must yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle. Just think, it could be your loved one that they might be on their way to help or rescue, every second counts.

When there is a motor vehicle accident, cooperation of all vehicles on the roadway is required. Please be careful when driving by a car wreck and try not to "rubber-neck". This could cause an additional collision. Also, please be mindful of firefighters and police officers that are working at the emergency. Tragically, sometimes fire and police personnel have been hit and killed by passing vehicles.