Training Division

Training occurs at our department on a very frequent basis! With ever changing building practices and emerging technologies, firefighters must train constantly in order to remain effective. Monthly sessions are mandated for all firefighters on basic structural firefighting techniques. Department policy states:

“Each member is required to track a minimum of twenty(20) training hours on the company training form…. The Training Division shall provide a monthly training schedule prior to the beginning of each month. This training schedule shall cover 2-3 basic areas of monthly practical skills.”

Monthly Skills:
1.Minimum of one hour per month of reading IFSTA Essentials Manual Chapter 1 on Firefighter Orientation and Safety. Explanation: Firefighter Safety

2.Minimum of three(3) hours per month familiarizing yourself with safety practices around the fire apparatus, the fire station, and different fire scenarios on the fire grounds to prevent any injuries and keep our long safety record on the fire ground.

Monthly Elective Practical Skills:
You may choose from the list below to complete the rest of your 20 hours of Company training for the month: General Firefighting, Hydraulics, Communications, Safety Practices, Ropes & Knots, Ladders

Every month, Ouachita Parish Firefighters study Ventilation, Extinguishers, Water Supply and various other topics of General Firefighting. Additional training with area companies and other regional fire departments contributes even more educational benefits. Each firefighter must work in 14 training drills a year. Mutual Aid Training and Pre-Fire Planning keep Ouachita Parish Fire Department ready for numerous emergency scenarios.

Each employee completing 240 hours of company training annually makes Ouachita Parish Firefighters an educated force.