Schedule a Tour

We are here to serve you!
The Ouachita Parish Fire Department is pleased to arrange a visit to any Fire Station in Ouachita Parish.

Who do you call?
Fire Chief's Office at (318) 325-1621.

What we need from you!
• Which Fire Station you want to visit.
• The date and time
• Number of people in your group
• The age of the visitors
• Any special topics that you would like the firefighters to speak about or purpose of your visit.

Other Important Information
• You may schedule a visit to any fire station between the hours of 8:00 am -8:00pm.
• Make sure you have enough chaperones for the number of children you have in your group.
• If driving to the fire station, make sure you do not block the driveway for the fire trucks to leave in case of an emergency. There are parking spaces available in the parking lot.
• Visits may be abruptly ended if personnel must respond to an emergency call.