What We Do

What We Do:

1. Surveillance:  The parish is monitored weekly to determine where our services are most needed.  Two types of traps are placed in strategic locations. The mosquitoes collected are counted and checked weekly to determine the species and sex (pooled).  The pooled mosquitoes are then sent to a laboratory for testing. 

2. Larviciding: The mosquito that transmits West Nile virus breeds in septic water, such as sewage ditches, oxidation ponds, and other areas holding stagnant water. These areas will be treated on a regular basis.

3. Adulticiding: Adult mosquitoes are killed using chemical sprays from an airplane, spray trucks, or hand held foggers. Such applications will be made when appropriate.

4. Source reduction: When sources of standing water are physically removed, mosquitoes do not have any where to breed. Every citizen needs to help in this effort by following these suggestions.