Personal Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips:

1. Whenever possible avoid being outdoors at dusk or dawn.

2. Use insect repellents when outside. Lotion forms are available that can be rubbed on face and neck. Sprays may be used on the rest of the body.

3. Wear light weight, loose fitting clothes (long pants & long sleeve shirts) to cover as much of your body as possible. Remember to spray the clothing, also.

4. Avoid staying in areas where there is tall grass and other shrubs. These are places where adult mosquitoes rest.

5. Repair or replace torn and damaged screens on windows and doors.

6. The mosquito life cycle revolves around water. Remove as many possible breeding sites as you can, from around your home.

Remember: It is true that some mosquitoes travel long distances, but the ones which carry West Nile virus usually don't travel more than 300 feet from their breeding site!