Fire Supression

Fire Suppression

It is the duty of every fire department to practice life safety, incident stabilization & property conservation. Fire suppression is one of the main tasks that Ouachita Parish Fire Department trains for. A fire is a very traumatizing situation. That is why Ouachita Parish Fire Department is always there, 24/7, 365 days a year with professional expertise and a caring attitude.

Proper equipment can make the difference in how a situation turns out. That is why OPFD strives to maintain cutting edge equipment and the training to best utilize it.

A firefighter relies on personal protective equipment to keep him safe from fire and smoke. Bunker gear, helmets and heavy boots are all part of the job. A fully suited firefighter is wearing 60 pounds of gear!

The above image shows a thermal imaging camera display. The burning house on the left is as the naked eye sees it. The photo on the right is the same scene as the camera displays it. A trained firefighter sees the “hotspots” --the lightest part of the image.

A structure fire is not the only situation that firefighters must be prepared for! Vehicle fires are a common form of emergency in Ouachita Parish.

Grass and woods fires are a common occurrence in the parish. Without quick, professional intervention, life endangerment and extensive property damage can occur.