EMS Division

OPFD is the First Response agency for the citizens of Ouachita Parish whether it is a fire, medical emergency or rescue situation. With 14 strategically located stations, we strive to provide the fastest response possible when illness or injury strikes.


80 personnel trained and certified as emergency medical technicians are able to perform Basic Life Support and begin Prehospital Emergency Care. 14 firefighters are certified as Intermediate EMTs with advanced knowledge and skills in airway maintenance, shock management and fluid resuscitation. 26 firefighters have achieved certification as Paramedic EMTs. Our paramedics have been trained in and can perform Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Each of our fire engines and rescue units have Automated External Defibrillators/Monitors and personnel trained in their use to provide time sensitive electrical shocks to persons that experience cardiac arrest.

Numerous accidents required mechanical extrication to free patients from wreckage so treatment and transportation could take place.


By offering continuing education, including ACLS, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support and Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, to its personnel OPFD is instituting a quality assurance program. The EMS Division is dedicated to providing the best prehospital care possible to the citizens of Ouachita Parish.

"OPFD's Medical Personnel — 
      There for you when you need us MOST!"