Electrical Fires

Home Electrical Safety

Electrical safety incorporates both technology and common sense. If properly designed, in stalled and maintained, electrical systems are both convenient and safe; otherwise, they may be a source of both fire and personal injury. Improper installation and/or neglect can lead to overloading, damage to equipment or excessive heat exposure to nearby combustibles. Even momentary lapses of caution in the use of electricity can cause fire, injury, or death through shocks or burns.

Listed below are a few recommendations to help insure the safe use of electricity:


  • Always have electrical work done by qualified personnel.
  • Never use oversized fuses or breakers. If fuses continue to blow or breakers continue to trip, a problem exists. Locate and correct the problem.
  • Match wire gauge to wattage.
  • Repair or replace any electrical appliance or device that does not function properly or is cause for suspicion.
  • Extension cords are probably overused as semi permanent extensions of wiring systems. If they must be used, make sure they are of the correct size, are UL listed and used as briefly as possible.

If you have any questions with Home Electrical Safety or any other related subject, please call the Ouachita Parish Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau at (318) 325-1621.