Fire Safety for the Holidays

Use these tips to keep your family safe during the Holidays:


  • Holiday Lighting - When decorating use lighting approved by a testing laboratory. For decorating outside, use only lights labeled for outside use. Don't overload electrical outlets, and unplug all lights before leaving or going to bed. Take care when burning candles. Make sure they are well away from combustible materials, and never use lighted candles in windows or near exits, or to decorate Christmas Trees.


  • Holiday Parties - Avoid using candles during parties. Make sure your guests have large deep ashtrays to use, and check them frequently. After a party, check inside and under furnishings and in trash cans for smoldering cigarette butts.


  • Christmas Trees - Choose a fresh tree and put it in a sturdy stand. Place your tree well away from heat sources and exits, and water it frequently. If you tree is artificial, make sure it is labeled fire retardant.


  • General Safety - Test your smoke detectors. If you don't have smoke detectors, buy yourself of your friends one as a Christmas gift. It could be a gift that saves a life. If you're on a limited income and live in Ouachita Parish, call your local fire department to find out how you can get a smoke detector through the "Get Alarmed" program. Also, make sure that your house numbering is clearly marked and visible from the roadway. Visible numbering is vital to a quick response by emergency agencies.

If you have any questions on any fire related topic, call the Ouachita Parish Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau at (318) 325-1621. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!