When 9-1-1 was originally established in Ouachita Parish, approximately 40% of the residents had rural route addresses.  As you know may know, rural route addresses do not give any location indication.  It was the task of the 9-1-1 Communications District to readdress these areas with municipal style addresses to facilitate emergency response.

Our office maintains a parish wide Unified Public Safety Dispatching System for all Public Safety Answering Points within Ouachita Parish, which was established in 2005 and was advanced in 2012.    We maintain a database of each addressed structure in Ouachita Parish to eliminate any delays in emergency responses when the need should arise.  We coordinate addressing with the cities of Monroe,  West Monroe and the towns of Richwood and Sterlington in our efforts to eliminate any duplicated addressing or street name designations that would delay First Responders.

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If you are establishing a new business or residence inside of Ouachita parish you will need to obtain an address for that structure. Once you have decided how the structure is to be situated on the parcel you have acquired you then call 318-387-2593 and describe how your land will be developed.  It is very important to describe what future plans you may have for the property in order to consider future addressing needs.

As part of the addressing process we may need to have you mark the locations of the driveway and structure center to accurately depict your site plan.  To obtain this information we will visit the site and collect Geographic Position Points in order to make an accurate address assignment.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS - Addressing)       
    James Green -  (318) 387-2593

Geographic Information System

In 2006 The Communications District began the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to depict the locations of all boundaries, streets, addresses, and address ranges in Ouachita Parish.  The primary purpose of this system was to aid in emergency response by displaying the location of wireless 9-1-1 callers on the Telecommunicators call screen.  The resulting system can be a foundation to aid government in assessing the condition of infrastructure systems and communicate the wants and needs of the area’s residents.